Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help with personalization

  1. How do I personalize my item?

    Fill out the personalization fields provided on the item page. This will allow our production team the necessary information so we may create your personalized gift exactly how you want it. It is important to note that some items do not allow for personalization, in which case you can simply add the item to your cart and it will arrive as shown.
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  2. Can I use special characters in my personalization?

    We apologize, but at this time, we are only able to produce letters and numbers from the English keyboard.
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  3. What does “Any Title Here” mean?

    Wherever you see a product with a title on it such as Grandma or Grandpa or Mom or Dad, you can change the title to almost anything you like. Maybe you call your Grandma, Mamaw, or maybe you’d like the item to say Aunt Sally. In almost every case, the title does not have to be as pictured, simply type in what title you would like.
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  4. Can I have the names on my shirt in a certain order or with specific colors?

    The personalization pattern changes with each design, so we do not offer name placement or color guarantees.
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  5. What if I have only one child or grandchild?

    Don’t worry, we automatically change the design. For example: “Grandma’s Heavenly Blessings” is changed to: “Grandma’s Heavenly Blessing”Back to Top

  6. Can I enter more characters to my personalization than the site is allowing?

    Character limits can vary from item to item. These limits are intentionally set to maintain visual quality and cannot be exceeded.Back to Top

  7. Can I customize my item beyond the options available on the website?

    We make all possible options to personalize your item available on our site.  We are unable to offer any further customizations other than those shown on the page of the item.Back to Top